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JSC "Benefita", company code 123247929, registered at Latvian street 15, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter Company) is a real estate undertaking.

This Cookie Policy contains information about cookies used by the Company and specifies how cookies can be managed on the Company's website By using the Company's website, you agree to the provisions of this Cookie Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookie (EA). Cookie)is a small text file that is recorded in the browser of your computer or mobile device (hereinafter referred to as the device) when you visit the Company's website.

Why we use cookies:

  • ensure that the site works the way it is to operate;
  • makes it easier to understand the needs of consumers ;
  • by using cookies you are recognized as a visitor to the website;
  • Captures website traffic data: information about how many visitors have visited the site and what information is more readable.
  • Save your settings during and between visits
  • improve site speed/security
  • give you the opportunity to share pages on social networks such as Facebook,
  • Make sure you're signed in to personalize your site to find what you're looking for faster.
  • continually improve your site to make it even more attractive to you
  • more efficient marketing.

What cookies does the Company use?

Some cookies used by the Company are installed in your device browser only during a browsing session, i.e. until you leave the Company's website. Such cookies are called "session cookies"because they automatically expire at the end of the user session and after closing the Company's website.

Another type of cookie, i.e. "persistent cookies"consists of a text file that is stored on your device for a certain period of time until the expiry date or until you refuse and delete the cookie.

The company's website may use five types of cookies: mandatory cookies, functional cookies, analytical cookies, promotional and targeted marketing cookies, or third-party cookies.

The list, parameters, expiration, etc. of the specific cookies that are used on the Company's website are listed below:

  • Mandatory cookies – these cookies are necessary and are used for technical purposes, for example, to freely browse the Company's website and use all its functions. Without mandatory cookies, the Company's website may not function properly.
  • Functional cookies – these cookies allow the Company's website to remember your choice to avoid changes to settings every time you visit the Company's website. These cookies help you remember your choices and settings (e.g. username, language, or region where you are) so that the Company's website can offer you enhanced and personalized features
  • Promotional and targeted marketing cookies – these cookies are used to enable the Company to provide more accurate advertising to you and your interests and to improve the effectiveness of advertising and communication on the website. This type of cookies is also used to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. These cookies can be used to memorize what you've looked at by visiting the website.


Strictly binding cookies and analytical cookies are a condition for the use of our website. If you opt out of these types of cookies, we cannot predict how our website will work when you visit it.

You can control the use of functional cookies and targeted or promotional cookies by changing your browser settings.

Please note that deleting cookies or disabling the use of cookies in the future may prevent certain parts or features of our website from being accessed. If you change your cookie settings, it will also affect other websites you visit.


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