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Data processor, controller and purpose. JSC "Benefita", legal entity code 123247929, home address Latvian str. 15, Vilnius (Company) collects and processes your personal data for the following purposes: in order to assess your needs and to submit to you a proposal for immovable property; in order to mediate in the conclusion of a preliminary/notarial real estate purchase-sale agreement or lease agreement with third parties; for the purpose of administering a lease/notarial sales contract; in order to advise on the acquisition, rental, or other matters of immovable property; to ensure their legitimate interests and to develop the services they provide. We only process your personal data on a legitimate basis of processing. If necessary, we may also process your personal data on other legal grounds, when necessary by law, after duly informing you.

Depending on the purpose of processing your personal data, the Company acts as the controller of your personal data or as a processor of your personal data:

The Company acts as your Personal Data Controller/Processor when:

  1. Appreciates your needs. We process your Personal Data in order to assess your needs (e.g. what Real Estate is relevant to you, what your opportunities, needs, etc.) are available to you and to provide you with the most relevant offer that best suits your needs.
  2. Administers and coordinates the preliminary Purchase-Sale, Lease or Consulting or other contract you have concluded. Your Personal Data is processed for the purpose of administering the contract already concluded, i.e. to track the term of validity of the contract concluded, to track the conditions laid down in the contract, etc. in connection with the administration of the contract.
  3. Offers its services to you. Your personal data is processed in order to conclude a Mediation Agreement with you, to provide you with relevant information about our services.
  4. Protects your rights and interests. We process your Personal Data for the purpose of exercising and defending our rights, e.g. by providing your data to a court, a bailiff, a lawyer representing us or another person.
  5. Responds to inquiries and questions related to the services provided by Benefita, the objects sold and the development of real estate projects.
  6. Brokerage in the conclusion of a real estate contract. We process your Personal Data to mediate when you enter into a Real Estate Purchase/Sale Agreement with third parties. The Company processes your Personal Data only on your behalf and only for the purposes of the real estate agreement, to submit real estate offers and/or to conclude a Real Estate Contract. Your Personal Data is collected, processed and transferred to the Register Centre, Notaries, Land surveyors, etc. only to the extent and only to the extent necessary to perform the functions of the Company, i.e. to mediate when you enter into a contract.

In this case, i.e. when the Company is the controller/processor of your Personal Data, the Company acts on your behalf and control.

The person appointed by the company is responsible for data protection. The Company has appointed a responsible person who takes care of the security of your Personal Data and the fact that our activities comply with the provisions of the Regulation. For more information on the terms and conditions and means set out below, as well as to exercise the rights discussed below or other issues related to your Personal Data, please contact us by e-mail at the

Processing of personal data and background. The Company, as the controller, will process the following Personal Data (Personal Data) for the purpose of administering mediation, preliminary, consulting, sales or other contract (Agreement) in order to offer you services, to guarantee your rights and legitimate interests and to improve the quality of services (see below in more detail):

  1. Identification, contact and activity details of you and your representative (name, personal number, position, address of residence, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account settlement, bank name, website address);
  2. Contract details(type of contract, contract the date of entry into force, the expire date of the contract, the price of the property, advance payment.
  3. Contract object identification (address of the property, unique No., year of construction, purpose of use, and other details of).

Source of personal data. The Company, acting both as a data controller and as a data processor, receives your Personal Data directly from you (when you provide data to us at our request or voluntarily), from public sources (e.g. from the Real Estate Register of the State Enterprise "Centre of Registers").

Recipients of personal data. For the purpose of submitting an offer to you, concluding a contract and its execution / administration (acting both as a data controller and as a data processor), the Company transfers your Personal Data to Notaries. Your personal data, to the minimum extent necessary for a particular case, may be transferred to a third party providing services to the Company, including legal, financial, tax, business management, personnel administration, accounting advisers and state authorities competent in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts (e.g. bailiffs, lawyers, etc.).

Direct marketing

We may process your personal data and direct marketing – to provide service offers, to ask for your opinion on the quality of services and to conduct market research

You have the right to object or at any time withdraw your consent to the processing of Personal Data for direct marketing purposes without giving reasons for disagreement

Time limit for the storage of personal data. The Company, acting as a data controller, stores the Contract and the documents attached to the Contract (e.g. extract from the Centre of Registers, cadastral files, etc.) for the entire duration of the contract and for 1 year (after the expiry of the contract), after which, if there is no legal basis for further processing of your Personal Data, it is securely destroyed.

Conditions for the processing of personal data. Your personal data may be collected, stored, processed, including provided, both in digital form and on tangible or paper media by any means, including e-mail and Internet connection, which, depending on the nature of the data processed, would ensure secure processing and prevent unauthorized access to your personal data. The Company, acting as a data processor, will process your Personal Data in accordance with the instructions of the data controllers (insurers).

Your rights. In cases where the Company processes your personal data as a controller and/or Processor, You have the right to know about the processing of Personal Data, contact the Company by e-mail address with request to access your Personal Data and receive a copy of the Personal Data processed, to correct inaccurate Personal Data, to erase personal data or to restrict their processing, to transfer Personal Data, to withdraw your consent to the processing of Personal Data, if any has been given earlier, to report an objection to processing your Personal Data. You can apply for an illegal processing of your Personal Data with a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate. You must provide all Personal Data to the Company, since without this data there will be no possibility to enter into a Contract.

Processing of personal data for recruitment purposes.

Potential employees of the Company (candidates, jobseekers) provide the Company with the following personal data: CV, name, contacts. Potential employees are informed of the processing of their personal data, data retention periods at the time of the first contact orally or by e-mail (if the potential employee applies to the Company by e-mail). In addition, potential employees may consult their personal data about the processing of their personal data in this Privacy Policy.

Personal data of data subjects submitted in the course of a specific position published by the Company shall be processed for the purpose of concluding an employment contract with a potential employee. If the data subject candidates for a specific position but is not submitted to him or her job offer, the data subject's data shall be destroyed at the end of the selection process for a specific position published by the Company.

The data of the selected potential employee may be stored for the purpose of selecting future employees of the Company only with his consent for a period not exceeding 1 (one) year. To withdraw the consent given for the purpose specified in this section of the Privacy Policy, the data subject may at any time express his or her will in writing to the Employee of the Company by contacting the Company by e-mail

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If you have questions about how your Personal Data is processed or you wish to exercise your rights, you can contact us by e-mail or at JSC "Benefita"– Latvių str. 15, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania

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